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Session 2 will begin with feedback on the assigned exercises.

We will then progress onto more complex forms such as noun clusters and allowed verb forms. The next topic will be on how to create sentences by taking into account punctuation and word count rules.

Just as we did in session 1, after the final Q&A, I will be sharing the slides and a few exercises. Similarly, these exercises will cover the topics we discussed in session 2 and they will serve as a starting point for session 3.

Language: ENGLISH (Q&A in English and Italian)

CONTENTS Session 2

Writing rules:

  • Noun clusters
  • Verbs
  • Sentences
  • Punctuation and word count

  • Daniela Zambrini
Less is more: keeping it short and simple with ASD-STE100 - Session 2
16:00 - 18:30

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18 Febbraio 2021 16:00
18 Febbraio 2021 18:30