Introduction: History and structure of STE

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Session 1 will begin with a brief outline of the history and structure of the ASD-STE100 Specification.

All participants will be sent a link to receive their free copy of current Issue 7 prior to the starting date.

We shall focus on its background and development over the years, from being a Guideline for Aircraft Maintenance Documentation to becoming an International Specification for writing Technical Documentation in a Controlled Language.

In a reverse itinerary, we shall start by addressing Part 2 – the Dictionary.

Then, we will move back to Part 1 – The Writing rules, starting from the most essential elements: Words. Which words can we use? What are the approved words? Why are certain words not approved? What are Technical Names and Technical Verbs? Which spelling variant is used in STE?

At the end of the session, I will be sharing slides and a few exercises. These exercises will cover the topics we discussed and will also serve as a starting point for the next session.

Language: ENGLISH (Q&A in English and Italian)

CONTENTS Session  1

The  Dictionary:

  • Part of speech
  • Approved meaning / alternatives
  • Approved  examples
  • Not approved

Writing rules:

  • Words
  • Technical Names and Technical Verbs
  • Spelling

  • Daniela Zambrini
Less is more: keeping it short and simple with ASD-STE100 - Session 1
16:00 - 18:30

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16 Febbraio 2021 16:00
16 Febbraio 2021 18:30