Managing complex multilingual projects with frequent updates

The translation of a dynamically changing website, translation of documentation while the technical writers are still working on it, games and software translation are just a few examples of large projects that a multilingual translation vendor needs to process.

While it is possible to do most of this in a text editor, with sending files back and forth manually, it is not worth it.

Join Lukasz Gajewski for this session and understand how you can improve and optimize the workflow for complex projects where the source also gets updated as the translation happens.

memoQ’s flexibility enables clever project management, and as a result, large-scale savings in large and complicated projects – the ones that generate the lion’s share of your revenue.


This session helps translation and localization project managers better understand how they can automate and further optimize translation workflows.

  • Lukasz Gajewski
Managing complex multilingual projects with frequent updates
16:00 - 18:30

Dettaglio Sessione

9 Marzo 2021 16:00
9 Marzo 2021 18:30