Usability, Accessibility and UX in TC

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This session deals with three concepts: Usability, Accessibility and UX.

During this session we will define Usability, Accessibility and UX in Technical Communication and will show how they differ and complement each other.

We will also address the topic of Usability Testing in the broader sense of research involving users who interact with or think about a product.

We will analyze several examples that illustrate different approaches to test and ensure the usability of technical documentation by:

  • testing a tutorial
  • testing a scenario with the product
  • observing how people use the documentation and
  • card sorting to redesign the information architecture of technical documentation.


We will look into some tips aimed at conducting successful usability and accessibility testing.

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Dettaglio Sessione

16 Marzo 2021 16:00
18 Marzo 2021 18:30